Buy yoga supplies tpe yoga mats to see material purchase

- Aug 22, 2019-

Buy yoga supplies tpe yoga mat to see the material purchase, the market is generally common there are two, PVC, TPE, TPE is relatively environmentally friendly, no harm to the body, wear-resistant, anti-slip are better. Frog yoga mat PVC foam quality is very good. There's also a kind of PVC that's cheaper. But not as good as PVC foaming to say.  

Many of the yoga mats on the market are PVC, which has been banned in Europe and is toxic and tasteful. 

The main points for choosing tpe yoga mats can be referenced below: 1 Pinch yoga mats with thumbs and forefingers, try how stress-resistant.

A flexible yoga mat is more protective to the human body. 2 Bring an eraser with you before you buy. Use it to wipe the yoga mat.

Try whether the material breaks easily. 3 Gently push the surface of the mat with the palm of your hand. Have a dry feeling. If the surface foaming agent of the tpe yoga mat is left too much, there will be a feeling of wetness. Then when doing exercises on top of it is easy to slip, fall injury.