Can yoga mats be washed? What kind of wash?

- Mar 05, 2021-

Yoga mats can be washed. Wash with water, washing solution, and towel.


It is normal for newly bought yoga mats to have a plastic smell, and most newly bought yoga mats have a plastic smell (environment-friendly, non-toxic and tasteless TPE yoga mats have a small smell when they are opened).

To ensure hygiene, wash your yoga mats every other week. Some women who love cleanliness are used to washing every time they use it, but it is not necessary. Because too much washing will wash off the non-slip patterns on the surface of the yoga mat, and eventually reduce the non-slip performance of the mat. Do not use a stiff brush to clean the yoga mat, as it will cause the surface film to crack and fluff.

If you are afraid of long-term use of laundry detergent will cause damage to the yoga mat, you can use a shower gel instead. Because shower gel has a certain germicidal effect, and because it is a product that directly contacts the skin, the ingredients of the shower gel will be much milder.