Does the surface texture of rubber yoga mat have an effect on the anti-slip nature of the yoga mat?

- Aug 04, 2019-

The most important indicator of yoga mats is non-slip, but also an important factor in comfort. First take the best anti-slip linen yoga mat, the surface texture for the textile surface design (actually is textile), anti-slip effect is the best, there is no doubt, but why? 

Because of the high coefficient of friction between flax's absorbent breathability and skin, the most important reason for this book, but because the texture of the surface of the flax yoga mat is the main reason for the increase dissonality, the secret of the flax yoga mat anti-slip comes from the surface of the flax anti-slip texture!

Tpe yoga mats represented by leaf patterns are also designed to mimic the surface texture of linen, but due to the relatively low aesthetics and comfort of the linen surface, the design for leaf print in order to ensure aesthetics at the same time to ensure anti-slip effect! And for pvc yoga mat sability is relatively poor can only be designed as bump shop, self-confessed anti-slip think relatively poor to keep the lowest time when under the canine test, not recommended for long-term practitioners to buy.