Four effects of practicing yoga are beneficial to the human body

- Aug 18, 2019-

There are many types of yoga, beginners in the practice of this initiative will feel breathing difficulties, and can not do the outside of the body in a straight line, but the yoga instructor said that beginners do not have to be too precise, in the course of the exercise can gradually adjust. 

The yoga instructor above stops the detailed explanation for the side-angle stretching yoga initiative to help the students in need correct the action. Bed slimming movement: lean thigh action essentials: lying down, abdominal pad on the cushion, two hands to support the jaw area, knees, feet to the palm. Not only is it fun, but it also cuts off the inside of your thigh. Beauty calf action essentials: lean, abdominal pad on the cushion, two hands to support the jaw area, legs straight, one leg force raised. 

Increases leg strength, while reducing the effect of thigh fat. Slimming Tips 1 Each sitting one hour, activity 5 minutes. When working, consciously go around a little more road to the bathroom, or even to the bathroom on the next floor. 

2. If sitting in the chair for a long time, gently lift your knee and do the walking in situ. This not only prevents edema in the legs, but also consumes more energy. 

3. Good posture not only makes people look tall and slim, but also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles Practicing Yoga Helps Emotional Stability Yoga Posture, which regulates hormones, has a powerful effect on mood, mind, metabolism, immune system, and reproductive system. 

The benefits of yoga posture are not limited to the body, if you can practice with yoga breathing, relaxation and speech meditation, you will feel emotionally stable and get the benefits of spiritual beauty. Yoga - thin face method: index finger and middle finger together straight, kneading massage face of silk bamboo cavity, bunker hole, wind hole, temple. Tips: Massage acuity can effectively improve the fat build-up and swelling of the face, increase the three-dimensional sense, so that the face appears small, delicate Oh