How dirty is your yoga mat

- Feb 04, 2020-

How dirty is your yoga mat?

Experts conducted spot checks on personal and public yoga mats. There were 3 million bacteria on the mats in the yoga hall. A personal mat is even more shocking, with a test result of "12 million positive bacteria", which is the most shocking because she hardly cleans her mat.

Fungi and bacteria such as plantar warts, staphylococci and ringworm that cause athlete's foot are often found on yoga mats because they tend to grow in warm, dark, and humid environments.

Therefore, not cleaning the mat is very troublesome. It's hard to really eliminate these bacteria if you just clean the yoga mats and not disinfect them. According to the CDC, the cleaning process removes bacteria, while disinfection kills them. Although each method can be used separately, doing both at the same time will completely clean your mat.