How to buy a good rubber yoga mats

- Feb 27, 2020-

How to buy a good rubber yoga mats?

1. Smell it. When open a new yoga mat,if there is strong odor and lasts for a long time,it is not adviseable to use it. When the new rubber yoga mat is opened,it will have a little smell, it is the smell of the rubber itself, which is not harmful to human body. It will gradually disperse when opened and placed in a ventilated place.

2. Flat. Lay the yoga mat on the ground. It should be flat. or it will impact the balance during yoga movements.

3. No Skid. When buying a mat, be sure to try the mat on the ground and push it away gently, it must have a dry feeling, so that it is not easy to slip, and the grip is strong. If too much foaming agent on the surface it will be very slippy, which is not safety to practice on.

4, Not easy to break. See if the material is easy to break, because a good yoga mat must have a certain pressure resistance, and it is not easy to be torn.

5, Good Cushion. Pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and forefinger to find if with good elasticity. If you are beginners, it is recommended to buy a 5mm thick yoga mat, but it does not need to be too thick to avoid sprains due to poor balance.

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