How to choose a rubber yoga mat based on thick and thin needs

- Aug 10, 2019-

It is said that the first Indians to practice yoga do not use yoga mats, they are in the world, in the simplest places, body and heart, man and the universe communication. But modern people practicing yoga are completely different from the ancient Indians. Yoga mats have also become an indispensable accessory. Because yoga mats are made of special materials, unlike regular mats or carpets, they can play a non-slip role in preventing bumps in the spine, ankles, hips, knees, etc. 

Another more subtle argument is that yoga mats can act as insulation to prevent the energy gathered in the body from being taken away by the earth during practice. About the thickness of yoga mats, common yoga mats on the market, there are 3.5 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm thickness. One of the most basic suggestions is that beginners can use thicker yoga mats, such as 6 mm thick, to prevent sports injuries. After a certain foundation and experience, use yoga mats from 3.5 mm to 5 mm thick. Of course, if you're very afraid of "pain", you can always use a relatively thick yoga mat to practice.