How to tell if a Yubo pad is toxic

- Aug 06, 2019-

1.Since the rubber yoga mat is in direct contact with the exerciser's body skin, it is chemical in itself, it must not be toxic and flavorful.

Toxic and tasteless mat because not after non-toxic tasteless treatment, just opened when the smell is very large, smoked eyes, after a long time scrubbing with water or placed in the dry place flat 20 days or about the smell will be smaller, but uncomfortable smell will always have, practitioners after a long period of use will appear intermittent dizziness, nerve headache, nausea and other adverse reactions. 

2.A good yoga mat requires a moderate weight of material, and the mat is not easily deformed. Yoga mats currently on the market are roughly divided into PVC, PVC foam, EVA, EPTM, non-slip mat 5 materials. PVC foaming is the most professional (PVC content of 96%, the weight of yoga mats is about 1500 grams), EVA and EPT'M are mainly made of moisture-proof mats (weight of about 500 grams). But this material of the mat material material material is too light to lay on the ground, the mat both ends are always in a rolled state.

PVC and anti-slip mat because the use of foaming technology, but only by raw materials cut (weight in 3000 grams left), only one side has anti-slip pattern, anti-slip and poor, and this mat with a period of time, because there is no foaming hole in the middle, tpe yoga mat will be flattened, will not bounce back to normal specifications. 

3.How to tell if a Yubo pad is toxic: The new yoga mat is rolled into a column, with its nose 1cm near one end of the yoga mat, smelling a pungent smell, and the toxic and flavorful yoga mat has a strong taste.

Turn on the yoga mat for a few days, try again with the above method, if there is a taste, prove that the mat is problematic.

Choose according to the "thick need" One of the most basic suggestions about the thickness of tpe yoga mats is that beginners can use thicker ones, such as 6 mm thick yoga mats, to prevent sports injuries. After having some foundation and experience, you can switch to 3. Yoga mats 5 mm to 5 mm thick. Of course, if you're afraid of "pain," you can always practice with a relatively thick yoga mat.