Introduction to TPE Yoga Pads

- Aug 21, 2019-

Yoga mats, is to practice yoga laid on the following mats, yoga matmaterials are generally divided into TPE foaming, PVC foaming, EVA, latex mats, CBR mats and so on. Yoga mat surface particles uniform, full of bubbles, soft feel, and non-toxic, tasteless, non-slip, rebound ability, has a strong anti-tearing ability, is the ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, yoga mats can also effectively block the ground cold, strong grip, with outstanding resilience, flatness, non-slip, as well as human skin affinity.

  Some other fitness activities can be performed on top, suitable for children to play mats, camping mats for use. Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, there are many kinds of yoga mats accompanying the practitioners, but what is the material of the yoga mat?

Environmentally friendly yoga mats are made of natural latex, natural rubber and other natural materials, yoga mats should be soft and elastic, common lying tPE, PVC, EVA, natural rubber yoga mats. Today's yoga studios almost always provide practitioners with public yoga mats, practitioners can practice directly, which is a very worry-free thing, but I do not know in the previous batch of the same practitioners are the same as you are lying barefoot and lying, how many strangers sweat, crumbs left on it. Does the cleaning of the yoga studio pass?

Share a yoga mat with many people, as if lying in someone else's place, strange and unsettling.

It's easy to choose a suitable and desirable yoga mat.

TPE Yoga Mats Are The Greenest

TPE yoga mat is the most high-end yoga mat products, no chloride, no metal elements, anti-static, each mat is about 1200 grams, than PVC foam mat about 300 grams lighter, more suitable for carrying out, the general thickness of 6mm-8mm. Features: soft, clothing paste, grip is strong - placed on any ground is relatively secure. Compared with PVC yoga mats, the weight is about 300 grams lighter, making it easier to carry with you. Small editor special reminder: TPE material yoga mat is the most high-end yoga mat products, the best quality, the corresponding price is slightly higher, but for the pursuit of quality of you, should make the smartest choice.