Is yoga mats easy to clean

- Aug 07, 2019-

After having a yoga mat of your own, you should not only take care of it carefully, but also clean it.

To ensure hygiene, it is best to clean once a week.

Usual simple cleaning, with a wet towel directly clean, dry it, or can use two cups of water plus 4 drops of washing dishes with detergent into the sprayer, spray the yoga mat, and then dry with a dry cloth.

TPE matwhen when not used to roll up with a wool buckle tied, or directly tile, do not fold, otherwise there will be creases, serious cracking. If the mat is very dirty, you can use a neutral cleaning liquid to clean directly with water, not recommended with washing powder water for cleaning. Because it's hard to wash off the washing powder residue, it makes the yoga mat slip. Gently scrub the mat with a cloth with neutral cleaning liquid water, then wash it clean with water, and finally roll up the yoga mat with a dry towel, suck out excess water and dry it.

Also, don't let the sun direct PVC and TPE material tpe yoga mats, will accelerate the aging of the material.

Based on the above points, give you some suggestions for reference: 1. Press with your thumb, and if the print son appears in the place where the yoga mat is pressed, it doesn't bounce for a long time, indicating that the elasticity is not enough. Many PVC mats say 6MM, but the material is not enough, only 1.1-1.2 KG or so, will inevitably lead to insufficient density, elasticity is very poor.

Normal is 1.4-1.5KG of 6MMPVC mats are elastic enough to effectively protect the yoga practitioners' knees and soft tissue; 2. Wet a small yoga mat to mimic the situation after sweating to see if it slips. If slipping is PVC foam particles are too small.

TPE material mats generally do not slip; 3. With an eraser yoga mat, try whether the tpe yoga mat material breaks easily?

This is a good way to test PVC mats; 4. Pay attention to the materials of the yoga mats and choose the eco-friendly ones. Traditional yoga mats are made of PVC, PVC is a long-term source of plastic pollution, will cause pollution to the environment. And the plastic smell emitted can also affect the effect of the exercise. PVC material mat taste is no way to eradicate, non-toxic tasteless fundamental non-existent.