The difference between TPE yoga mat and PVC yoga mat

- Aug 05, 2019-

TPE mats are made of environmentally friendly materials, in the production process of the production of technology and raw materials requirements are very high, so the price is more expensive than PVC point, there are few domestic tPE mats can produce factories, mostly imported materials from Taiwan. And PVC mats of all kinds, the price from a dozen to dozens of pieces have.

And TPE is mostly more than a hundred or even a few hundred yuan.

But better point quality PVC mats will never be as long as twenty or thirty dollars can be bought.

Difference two: the smell of the new TPE mat can be dispersed, while the smell of poor quality PVC mat can not be dispersed TPE mats are environmentally friendly, are there no smells?

Buy back the new TPE mat will also have a bit of the smell of the raw material itself (unless the seller opens the mat in advance to dissipate the smell). But don't worry, it doesn't smell like a poor quality mat. We bought the new mat, opened it and left it in a cool, airy place for a day or two to dissipate the smell. (Here we should pay attention to Oh: thousands can not put in the sun to sunbathe!)

If it is a poor quality mat, the taste of how many days will not be dispersed.

Difference three: yoga mat processing TPE mat anti-slip and elasticity is better We bought tPE mats and can't worry about their slipandiness and elasticity.

Because this material made of mats its non-slip, elasticity and its workist aspects are not comparable to PVC materials, even sweat can also be non-slip.

Difference four: TPE mats take longer to use

TPE mats are more durable than PVC and last four or five times as long as PVC. PVC mats are more affordable in terms of price/performance ratio.

But compared to PVC yoga mats, yoga matprocessing TPE yoga mats have insurmountable advantages:

1, non-toxic, non-metallic elements, natural oxidative lysis, can be recycled, avoid environmental pollution;

2, soft, volt paste, grip is very strong - the whole mat can be attached to the ground;

3, lightweight, each mat is about 1200 grams heavy, than PVC foam mat about 300 grams lighter, easy to carry the collection;

4, waterproof, non-slip, even if the palms, palms sweat, do yoga exercises on top of it, anti-slip effect is still very good, positive and negative make beautiful

Anti-slip particles, anti-slip effect is better; 5, elasticity is better, rebound force is strong.

Although only 6mm in thickness, but because of the resilience, do yoga on it, you will feel soft, very comfortable, not at all feel thin.

Two: the choice of thickness Beginners generally choose 6mm on it, with a certain basis can choose 4mm thick.