TPE yoga mat softer and very volt

- Aug 12, 2019-

TPE yoga mat is very soft and very volt, TPE material is a natural latex and hemp environmental protection material, recyclable, reusable, waste will not cause environmental pollution. TPE material yoga mats mainly have good elasticity, anti-slip effect, good toughness, strong tension characteristics. However, its high material prices, mainly used in the European and American markets or the Chinese market high consumer groups. Price at least 200 yuan or more, generally 200 yuan - 300 yuan, better can break 300 yuan.  

If you have the money to buy, of course, it is also a good choice.  

Speaking of yoga mats believe that many women who practice yoga have used, and in our lives there are many kinds of materials of yoga mats, such as rubber mats, linen mats, PVC, and other materials of yoga mats, but they all have different advantages, of course, TPE material yoga mats are no exception, then, TPR materials used in yoga mats have what advantages?  

1, TPE yoga mat is very soft very volt, tile the ground, the whole mat can be attached to the ground and grasp the ground, reducing the situation of our fall; 

2, positive, back two colors, increase aesthetics, natural oxidation cracking, can be recycled, avoid environmental pollution, soft, volt paste, tile the ground, the entire mat can be placed on the ground and grasp the ground.  

3, TPE yoga mat has the function of natural oxidation and lysis, will not cause damage to the environment, recyclable, avoid environmental pollution;  

4, lightweight, each mat is about 1200 grams heavy, about 300 grams lighter than PVC foam mat, easy to carry collection, with good toughness, strong tension advantages. 5, good elasticity, strong resilience. Although 4-6mm thick, strong rebound, do yoga on top, you will feel soft, very comfortable, not at all feel thin.  

It's going to be over and it won't harden. TPE material applied to the advantages of yoga mats on what to share this, I believe that we also have a certain understanding, in addition, TPE is an environmentally friendly material. TPE yoga mats can be recycled and can be reused without environmental pollution.