What to take out for practicing yoga

- Aug 16, 2019-

For yoga beginners, some basic yoga common sense you need to understand first. 

The first is the best time to practice yoga, in fact, practice yoga notes, understand these yoga common sense, you can be safer and more effective to achieve the purpose of yoga. 

Best time to practice yoga 

Because the body temperature is highest during this time period, the muscles are the most flexible, and hard and long-lasting exercises are easy. 

Precautions for practicing yoga 

1. Practice meditation: Meditation is a state of consciousness. As you practice meditation, try to keep your heart quiet and focus your mind in your body. Meditation can effectively soothe nervous muscles and nerves and restore your energy. 

By practicing meditation, you can improve your mental attention and calm your mood.

2. Choice of yoga practice site As a body-building yoga, it is very careful to prepare before practice to prevent injury during practice. So what yoga common sense do you need to know?

Take a look at the following precautions for practicing yoga. 

Yoga practice site selection, yoga and nature of harmony and the same, so can choose in a quiet, clean, clean air outdoor environment is the most suitable; 

3. Choice of yoga practice time Every day at different times of the human body's state is not the same, or stretch, or restrained, or tired, or happy. In the morning, when the sun rises over the horizon, after a night's rest, you get into the best shape of yoga, which is better for practicing Japanese-style, Ashtanga Yoga and other styles. And at night, after a day of fatigue, the human body appears tired, more suitable to practice some yin yoga body style, pull up joints, ligaments, regulate the various meridians. Of course, many people can not get up early in the morning, so a lot of people will choose the evening, for example, i will choose the evening on the basis of my foundation, for example, i am based on two or three hours after dinner to do some physical exercises, based on the movement of the body is not very large.