Yoga towelcans can better match the use of suede yoga mats

- Aug 08, 2019-

When practicing yoga, the body will excrete a lot of sweat, and dripping on the yoga mat will produce a sticky uncomfortable feeling, at this time you can use a high-absorption yoga towel on the yoga mat, effectively absorb sweat.

It also has a antibacterial effect to prevent certain facial movements from being drawn close to the yoga mat while practicing yoga and inhaling bacteria or dust mites. There are anti-slip pellets on the back that allow yoga towels to be fixed to yoga mats without sliding, effectively aiding the stretching and balance of yoga movements and enhancing the safety and comfort of exercise.

In the course of exercise, the bumps and bumps of the glue grain have a good massage effect on the soles and backs of the feet, promote blood circulation, can be combined with yoga posture effective rolling combination, so that the body and mind get a comprehensive relaxation. Yoga towels are also useful, in addition to helping to absorb sweat but also help to keep warm. But to identify the quality of yoga towel is also very important, first look at the weight of yoga towel, the same texture composition of the fabric, generally thick relatively high, good quality, this is what we all know, so when buying, we should first ask how much yoga towel weight, in general, the weight of yoga towel before glue is 360 g / square meters,

After overglue is 550-600 g/each. Yoga towel can better cooperate with the use of velvet yoga mat, effectively block the bacteria on the mat, because the yoga mat is not easy to clean, this problem has been bothering yoga practitioners, but with yoga towel, you can reduce the body and yoga mat contact, if dirty on the direct cleaning yoga towel on it, This makes the yoga mat situated for a long time and cleanse as new. Yoga towels are versatile and easy to carry, so you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect tool for working with yoga mats