Daily Cleaning Tips After Using Yoga Mats In Winter

- Jul 20, 2019-

Yoga exercise friends know that every time after doing yoga, cleaning yoga mat is a headache, clean with detergent for skin allergies, water wash fear is not clean, and the next day open there is always a taste, every time lying on it to do exercise is uncomfortable, always feel not clean. 

The usual simple cleaning, you can use two glasses of water plus 4 drops of dish essence into the sprayer, spray the yoga mat, then dry with a dry cloth. If your yoga mat is already very dirty, it is recommended that you wash our yoga mat with soapy water and rinse it with water. Be aware that the less the lotion is better, because any residue will make the yoga mat slip later. And use a damp cloth to scrub the mat after be sure to wash clean.

Good with a large dry towel rolled up the yoga mat, absorb excess water, let go of the yin dry, can not be exposed to the sun, will damage the mat. Another good way is to buy a yoga towel on the mat, dirty on the wash towel on the line, very convenient. And sweat in summer, warm in winter. Yoga practitioners, be kind to your yoga supplies, and when you go to the yoga studio, have a more pleasant mood and practice yoga more comfortably and safely. The daily cleaning tips after using yoga mats in winter are hoping to help everyone, and when you open the yoga mat every day to do yoga, your mat will be like a fresh lotus leaf, giving you a natural and pure world.