Do Double-layered, Two-color High-temperature Yoga Mats Have A Taste?

- Jul 22, 2019-

Does the double-layered, two-color high-temperature yoga mat have a taste? Not either. Double-layered two-color yoga mats appeal to consumers because they have different colors on both sides and have a nice and generous appearance.

How does such a mat remove the taste of a high-temperature yoga mat that requires glue and mesh (so-called tear-proof layer) to fit two different colored mats? 1: The use of pure and pure imported foaming agent raw materials, with precise production process control, can be completely free of formaldehyde and ammonia residue.

Big factories can do, small factories are unlikely to do.

2: The unique 12 Inst.Shock microwave instantaneous oscillation deodorize technology, so that the mat from the inside out a little odor is removed, for example, like the UHT process used in milk processing, can instantly kill harmful bacteria in every corner. 3: The use of high-tech glue-free fit technology. Double-layer two-color mat, not only beautiful and generous, but also no glue without formaldehyde. Especially from this year, the international first-line brand began to adopt the glue-free fit process, not only for human health, but also because there is no tear-proof layer in the middle of the mat, but also conducive to high-temperature yoga mat TPE material recycling, reduce garbage burning, to the earth more protection.