Erasers Can Tell How Good Rubber Yoga Mats Are

- Jul 29, 2019-

1. Use the thumb and forefinger to pinch yoga mat, try how to resist pressure, eraser can distinguish the rubber yoga mat good or bad, elastic good yoga mat more protective effect on the human body. 

2. Take an eraser with you before you buy, use it to rub the yoga mat, try whether the material is easy to crack?

The eraser can tell how good or bad a rubber yoga mat is.

3. Push the surface of the mat with the palm of your hand, to have a dry feeling, if the surface foaming agent on the surface of the mat will have too much wet feeling, then it is easy to slip and fall when doing exercises on top.

4. First-time yoga practitioners, optional a little thick err than the rubber yoga mat, such as 6mm thick; 

5. Compared with the traditional PVC-made yoga mats, the mix of natural latex and hemp environmental yoga mats, although the price is slightly higher, but will be better for the human body and the environment. When the economy allows, consider it.