Pay Attention To The Material Selection Of Rubber Yoga Mats Environmentally Friendly

- Jul 17, 2019-

Materials are the most important attention when buying environmentally friendly yoga mats, but also the key to determine the price of rubber yoga mats, must not be good-looking colors lost their eyes and ignore the quality.

In general, you can choose this at the time of purchase:

1. Pinch the yoga mat with your thumb and forefinger and try how stress-resistant you are.

2. Wet a small piece of rubber yoga mat, mimic the situation after sweating, to see if it will slip. 

3. Use an eraser yoga mat to try whether the material breaks easily? 

4. Pay attention to the material of the rubber yoga mat to choose environmentally friendly. Traditional yoga mats are made of PVC, PVC is a long-term source of plastic pollution, will cause pollution to the environment. And the plastic smell emitted can also affect the effect of the exercise. Eco-friendly rubber yoga mats are made from natural latex, hemp and other natural materials, with no PVC and no odor.