Pick Out High-quality Suede Yoga Mat Tips

- Jul 14, 2019-

1. Size: Yoga mats are just like clothes and shoes, they should suit themselves. Too big to take up the place, too small body to show can not open. Therefore, choosing the skill size of a high-quality suede yoga mat is the first consideration for purchasing a yoga mat. Yoga mats on the market are usually about 163cm and 183cm in length, and the width is generally 61cm, of course, Taobao can always find a variety of sizes of yoga mats. In addition to length, thickness is also a factor to consider.

Yoga mats available on the market range in thickness from 1mm to 15mm. 2. Anti-slip: after the size is suitable, be sure to pay attention to whether the suede yoga mat is non-slip. For beginners, anti-slip may be more important than size because it's about physical safety. Wrestling, slipping, problems can be big and small. Light makes the body unstable, muscle tension, movement is not standard, it is difficult to find the feeling of force; 

If you are easy to sweat, or do not exercise in the air-conditioned room in summer, anti-wet and slippery should also be taken into account when purchasing yoga mats. 3. Material: or like to buy clothes, suede yoga mat material is really very important, whether breathable, sweat, non-slip, a lot of times its material has decided everything.