Share A New Wash Method For Suede Yoga Mats

- Jul 26, 2019-

1, first use a towel immersed in the water with laundry liquid, pay attention to the laundry liquid can not be added too much, and then wring until wiped clean, and then put in a cool ventilation place to dry on the line. 

2, if the velvet yoga mat is already very dirty, the bathtub is filled with cold water, and then add the washing powder, the less the washing powder is better, because any residue, will make the yoga mat slippery later. Then scrub the mat with a damp cloth and wash it clean.

Roll up the yoga mat with a dry towel, drain excess water and let go to dry.

3, will not open glue but especially not easy to dry through, it is best to use a small towel with diluted cleaning liquid to wipe, and then with the dry wet towel to wipe twice. 

4, usually clean with water rinse, and wipe the surface of the velvet yoga mat with a towel can be