Simple Analysis Of The Difference Between Cork Yoga Mats And Yoga Mats

- Jul 27, 2019-

Cork yoga mats and yoga mats are all necessary equipment for practicing yoga. After you put a yoga mat or a yoga mat on the ground, you can practice yoga on it. However, there are many users who are entangled in whether they choose a yoga mat or a yoga mat. In the following small series, the user will be introduced in detail about the difference between the yoga mat and the yoga mat and their respective advantages. A simple analysis of the difference between a cork yoga mat and a yoga mat:

The difference between yoga mat and yoga mat

Yoga mats are generally used as a mat for yoga. Using a cork yoga mat can be very good. It prevents the knees from being oppressed and painful when practicing yoga. Because when doing yoga, some yoga moves require knees. Landing, if there is no yoga mat to pave the way, it will easily damage the muscles of the knee.

Yoga mat His younger brother is very thin and light. This kind of mat is used in practicing yoga. It is not able to protect the knee part of the person well, and it is easy to cause injury to the knee. 

The difference between cork yoga mat and yoga mat

The yoga mat has a very thick texture and also has a good anti-slip effect. In use, the mat can be well fixed at a certain position without injury due to sliding. But the yoga mat does not have the effect of absorbing sweat. If you do yoga directly on the yoga mat, it will give you a very sticky feeling.

The texture of the yoga blanket is very thin and light, and its hand feel is very soft. This yoga blanket has a very good effect of breathable perspiration, especially when practicing yoga, often sweating a lot. Using the yoga blanket, it can absorb the sweat from the body well, and it will not give people a sticky feeling. However, the yoga mat does not have a non-slip effect and is less safe in use.

In fact, both yoga mats and yoga mats are used for yoga, but the difference between the two items is relatively large. However, there is actually a complementary effect between the two. We can put the yoga mat on the ground first, then put the yoga blanket on the top of the yoga mat. When used together, it can achieve the best. Good use effect