The Role Of Yoga Bricks

- Jul 24, 2019-

Small editor on the role of yoga bricks: Yoga bricks are a kind of aid for junior yoga practitioners and less flexible practitioners to help adjust posture and help the body achieve some movements.  

Yoga bricks can help us support different parts of the body, avoiding the tension of other parts of the body caused by poor softness or lack of muscle strength. For some beginners, a lot of action is not a bit, this time we can choose some action aids. Yoga mat processing yoga bricks are one of them, which can be used when we are stretching, when our hands are out of reach, or when we keep our bodies stable.

This is already unnecessary for some people who have been studying yoga all year round, but for beginners to achieve a standardization of movement, there is still a certain supporting role. What if I don't have a yoga brick? Generally, when practicing yoga, the opportunity to use yoga mats to process yoga bricks is less. If you really need it, leave behind a thick cardboard cylinder after the cling film is used for relaxation and muscle extension. It can also be replaced by thicker books.