The Uniformity Of The Purchased Yoga Mat Should Be Appropriate

- Jul 28, 2019-

The rubber yoga mat can reduce the pain caused by contact with the ground, prevent various injuries, and effectively block the coldness of the ground and play a non-slip effect. It is one of the yoga supplies. The following points should be noted when selecting and maintaining a cork yoga mat: 

1. The uniformity of the yoga mat should be appropriate: the yoga mat should be tiled. If the foaming is uneven, it will be easily damaged during use. If the foamed convex part is damaged, it cannot be repaired. 

2, size, thickness, light important: length should not be short and height, width can not be narrower than shoulder width, thickness is about 5 mm is appropriate, too thick yoga mat will affect the stability of standing, try not to choose too heavy Cork yoga mat for easy carrying. 

3. Observe the elasticity of the yoga mat: press the yoga mat by hand. If you feel that the fingers are easy to pinch together, prove that the yoga mat is too soft. Such a yoga mat is thicker in time, and the joints will be bitter when they touch the ground. If the yoga is too hard, it will not only make the skin unacceptable, but also break easily. 

4, the anti-slip performance of the mat surface: the cork yoga mat is tiled, press the yoga mat with the palm of the hand, and then push forward, if the yoga mat slides on the ground or the hand slides on the mat surface, it indicates the slip resistance of the yoga mat Not a good, non-slip yoga mat, may cause unnecessary damage during the practice. 

5, maintenance methods: buy back yoga mats should pay attention to maintenance, do not expose to the sun, after each use, use a damp cloth to wipe, and then dry naturally in the shade.