Velvet Yoga Mat Suing Is Divided Into A Variety Of Materials

- Jul 21, 2019-

In fact, suede yoga mat suing yoga mat custom is divided into a variety of materials, common with linen, TPE and PVC material! These two kinds of mats: recyclable to avoid environmental pollution. Mainly soft, volt, paved ground, very strong grip. TPE each mat is about 1200 grams heavy, about 300 grams lighter than PVC, easy to carry.

Waterproof, non-slip, even if sweating, on the above practice anti-slip effect is the same as stick!

However, TPE mat price is very expensive, (depending on everyone's needs) if according to the cost-effective, PVC mat economy, more affordable! First of all, and most importantly, from both ends of the mat (after the mat rolled up) to see if there is a very uniform bubble, gas is larger and uniform best!

This shows that the foam is good! 1. Take a suede yoga mat first do not open, smell the top of the mat with the nose. See if there is a pungent taste! Generally good yoga mat will not have too much taste! Open to two days, can give off the trace taste! If after a long time, the taste is still not scattered, then it is possible, the quality of this mat but off

Long-term use can cause physical harm! 

2. Feel with your hands, look at the sinking! If it is very heavy, it may not be PVC foaming technology! It is the accumulation of raw materials!

(Generally 2.5 kg or so, yoga mat is 1.5 kg) PVC foaming technology, very good elasticity, step on it will soon be restored to its original condition!

3. Open carefully after the work, whether fine! Generally domestic mat work is very rough! Some just one-sided foaming, contact with the ground side is not anti-slip design! (there are sellers to the foot mat as a yoga mat to sell, we want to polish the eyes Oh- 4. Push the surface of the yoga mat with the palm of your hand, to have a dry feeling, if the surface foaming agent of the yoga mat left too much wet feeling, then it will be easy to slip and fall when doing exercises on it. (However, like some of Taiwan's good suede yoga mats, just started there is a layer of antibacterial layer, sweat will find some slip, but do not worry, this layer gradually retreated, anti-slip effect will be revealed!) But the domestic mat can not work, will always slide down like this!