Why Yoga Mats Avoid Acid-Alkaline Heat And Exposure

- Jul 25, 2019-

Why yoga mats avoid acid-base high temperature and sun exposure. Use at home, generally once a week cleaning, with a neutral detergent wipe, and then with water scrub clean can be. Don't put it in a direct sunlight area, and put it in the cupboard when you're not using it. Families in the north are advised not to put yoga mats directly on the ground if they are warm. If you often practice yoga outside, yoga mats are not easy to carry, you can also choose yoga towel. 

The general price of this kind of towel is in the tens of yuan, can be laid on the public yoga mat stoic use, convenient for hygiene. There are many varieties of yoga mats on the market, the price is cheap twenty or thirty yuan, expensive thousands of yuan, in the end what kind of suitable for themselves? The difference in the price of yoga mats is mainly in the material. The lowest-grade yoga mats are pvc, the cheapest and the least slippery. However, some experiments have shown that this material may cause damage to the liver and kidneys, so it is not recommended to choose. The second is tpe-made yoga mats, which are non-toxic and degradable, with a long service life, making them suitable for personal use. The third is a yoga mat made of recycled cotton, hemp and other materials, which conforms to the concept of environmental protection, but is more expensive and not durable. The fourth is a natural rubber yoga mat, is also the most expensive category, no odor, elasticity and anti-slip are good, but relatively heavy.