Yoga Mat Processing Yoga Mat's Non-slip Is Worth Buying

- Jul 16, 2019-

Natural rubber yoga mats are the most expensive relative to other materials, very environmentally friendly, the smell of the new natural rubber matcans can quickly dissipate (yoga mats process the smell of the raw material itself, unless the seller opens the mat in advance to dissipate the smell), will not have any effect on the body, resilience and anti-slip are good, and its durability, The time used is 4 or 5 times the PVC material, but due to the material, it is more heavy.  

Suitable for very senior Ga people to use, of course, Tuhao please feel free! The material used in linen mat is actually natural linen and natural rubber, in all yoga mat processing yoga mat non-slip is worth buying, but also very durable, this material is very wear-resistant, sweat absorption is also very strong! So many middle- and senior yoga practitioners like this kind of mat, thick and moderate, not easy to cause harm. And from the texture from the face value, force the other material mats. If you want to fit in with yoga for a hundred years, it's highly recommended! By the way, teach you a trick to judge a true rubber mat: a real yoga mat processing rubber pad itself gives off a natural, faint rubber aroma that fades over time, but doesn't disappear completely.