7 Chakra Yoga Mat

7 chakra yoga mat Product A dvantages: ² 7 chakra yoga mat ² Rubber yoga mat ² Eco yoga mat ² Non slip yoga mat ² Best yoga mat for hot yoga ² Custom yoga mats Product Description : Product I ntroduction : The suede surface layer uses a microcrystalline non-slip crystal polymer structure, which...
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7 chakra yoga mat

Product Advantages:

² 7 chakra yoga mat

² Rubber  yoga mat

² Eco yoga mat

² Non slip yoga mat

² Best yoga mat for hot yoga

² Custom yoga mats


Product Description:

Product Name

7 chakra yoga mat

Model Number:



Natural tree rubber + microfiber/suede


1730*610mm (68x24")/ 1830*610mm (72x24")/Customize




Multicolor, All Colors Image Or Design


Heat Sublimation Printing With Eco Water Based Ink


GreenLeader, OEM, ODM




Product  Introduction:


The suede surface layer uses a microcrystalline non-slip crystal polymer structure, which greatly enhances the anti-slip degree of the contact surface.The bottom is made of natural rubber, with high friction coefficient and high compressive strength, providing strong grip and natural non-toxic.

The suede surface adopts non-slip technology, which absorbs quickly when exposed to water, and at the same time, the surface tension is enhanced. The water molecule makes the friction coefficient of the suede increase rapidly. The more sweating, the stronger the non-slip.The contact between the sweat left in the exercise and the yoga mat can stimulate the anti-skid effect of the mat body, so spraying some water at the beginning of the exercise can directly achieve the purpose of double slip prevention.


The Yoga 7 chakra is the energy center of the human body. The so-called energy center is the place where Qi energy, blood vessels, and nerve plexes gather. It is the life energy control center of the human body.

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